The smarter way of buying and selling real estate

Want it. Have it. No nonsense property purchasing.

For many people, the mere thought of buying and selling a property is a heavy weight on their shoulders. The researching of the market conditions, talking to all manner of advisors, delving through the paper admin - contracts, clauses, reports  - can make a poor head ache, and not to mention cost an awful amount of time.

It occurred to me, that for those confident with the market, there is no reason why they can’t just sell or buy ‘Now’. Removing the real estate theatrics, as I like to sometimes describe this industry, it really is a simple transaction.

At Proppy we have the ‘Buy me Now’ method of sale which is perfect for those who don’t have the time, inclination or feel the need to negotiate.

Much like an auction, it is an unconditional contract. What you see is what you get. The potential buyer can review the contract but can’t alter it to suit them.

For buyers, the guesswork is eliminated. Just like when you buy a new pair of shoes, the price is written boldly on the listing – and our research tells us people love this. If they agree with the price they can quite literally click ‘Buy me Now’. This generates a legally binding unconditional contract and boom, the property is sold. None of this messing about between parties. 

While this is not for everyone, it is perfect for developers, investors and people who know what they want and who want to sell or buy in a hurry.

For developers selling apartments, bare land or property off the plans, the buy me now option is ideal. If you are selling 20 identical apartments – one price fits all. And life gets even easier as all documentation is loaded online, Proppy takes care of compliance, and commission is a low 1.5% plus GST.   

Individual parties that take advantage of this speedy sale approach are those who have a good idea of what their property is worth or who are looking for a quick sale due to death or marital separation. A family can agree to set a price and move forward with the sale harmoniously.

For savvy sellers and confident buyers the ‘Buy me Now’ method of sale is the way forward. If this sounds like you then let’s chat further. I am all about making life easier.



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