Finding a new home – the best time of your life?

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Finding a new home – the best time of your life?

Finding a new home – the best time of your life?

You make a pact over a few glasses of wine that you won’t buy anything that you both don’t like, then it’s game on! Or if you’re on your own you say to yourself “I got this’.

The most important thing is to ask all the right questions before signing on the dotted line. And of course, check with your lawyer! Or as I like to call mine - my life mentor!

1.       Money, Money, Money…get your ducks in a row before you start looking. Talk to a mortgage broker and see that you can afford. Make sure you don’t over commit, look at your deposit, your way of life - what you can sacrifice. You may not be able to afford the exact house of your dreams but if you can get into the market and find something that ticks most of the boxes and something you can actually enjoy once you’re living in it then do that, be realistic. No use buying an expensive house if you have to work 60 hours + a week to pay for it.

2.       Open Homes…get there first, research & set up property searches on Trademe and plan your weekends around your Open Homes. If you like it book to see it again straight away, and of course always always do your due diligence. Have a good debrief at the end of the day & listen to each other. Organise private viewings - don’t be scared to ask to see a property before an Open Home time slot, no harm in asking, all they can say is NO!

3.       Talk to the neighbours, this is a big one, immerse yourself in the town, the street and ask hard hitting questions. Like is it fun, is it safe – does the neighbours dogs bark 24/7. Check to see if a rooster lives next door! Yes, we are in a very fluid market and houses are selling within 30 days in most areas, but book a BnB for a night or two, walk the streets morning and night, get the feel of the area. Especially if this is going to be your home. Even if it’s going to be a rental, people won’t live in it long if it’s not a suitable place to live.

4.       Try not to stress or over think it. If you consider all the options then you will make the best decision, but remember we all stumble along the way. I know people that have out bid themselves by $50,000 to secure a house but thankfully they made that back when selling because they got the ugliest house in the best area. Key advice - don’t sweat the losses they happen for a reason.

5.      Ask heaps of questions…

- How long has it been on the market?

- What school is it zoned for?

- Current council valuations and rates?

- Current zoning restrictions?

Figure out what it is that makes a place a home to you, schools, cafes, beaches, parks, volunteers’ groups? It’s very hard to get a property to tick all the boxes but if you have about 90% you are there.

Homes are different for everyone – some people like new, bright and shiny, others like old and rustic, city vs country…the list goes on. Do a list of pros and cons of each place, create a file full of information. Always go with your gut feeling, is it right for us/me for now and the future?

Finding a home can be some of the best fun in your life so take a few extra moments to make sure it’s right and be happy with your decision.



Hannah Walker

Co-founder & Sales Consultant

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