The Proppy Mantra – "Your property marketplace"

Imagine if everyone was open and honest in the marketplace. It might seem idealistic, but not at Proppy. We have invested thousands of hours developing a transparent online platform for buyers and sellers to interact and transact property purchases. All information is provided upfront; there is no hidden agenda, no auction room theatrics, what you see is what you get. And the best bit, our commission rate is fair! Our commission rates start at $10,000 + GST and extend to a capped rate of 1.75% + GST on your final selling price.

All offers are presented to vendors. All offers are reviewed by senior management providing you the best ability to have a good solid and clean contract.

With, both buyers and sellers have the most up to date information to make informed decisions on the expected price of a property. Unlike a traditional real estate agency, our online platform creates an even playing field and the ability to put an offer in on your time and with the support of a licensed Proppy salesperson.

At we believe in providing information to our vendors that prepare them for sale. We encourage all vendors to purchase a LIM and/or Property Files/building report that we can make available to buyers. We believe that this information speeds up the real estate transaction and helps us achieve higher prices.

With Proppy, both buyers and sellers have the most up to date information to make informed decisions on the expected price of a property. The beauty of our platform is that it creates a larger pool of active participants in both buying and selling real estate. Boom, SOLD!



Honesty is our policy. We have walked in your shoes, we know your pains & you can trust us to look after you. Together we create meaningful impact and are changing the way we transact in real estate


We strive for excellence


We deliver a remarkable, transparent service


Through technology we challenge the status quo and achieve results


To change the real estate industry for good. To change how real estate is transacted for good.


Proppy – the smart way to buy and sell property. Value for money, simplicity, friendly and accessible, transparent, and trusted.


NZ’s most relevant, trusted and transparent real estate platform that has exceptional customer service, ease of access, value for money and we will make a difference to your life!

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