First Home Buyer Guide

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First Home Buyer Guide

We know that buying a house for the first time can be very overwhelming. When trying to buy your first home it can be hard as often your heart tells you one thing and then your head tells you another! You know you should be sensible but ohhhh you have fallen for a gorgeous home and you have already moved in there before you have made an offer. Not to worry, we are here to help!

In this current market houses aren’t sticking around for long so for you to prepare you, I have put these helpful tips together.

·       Check out - it has a lot of helpful information

·       Get all your ducks in a row before putting in an offer. Speak with an insurer, mortgage broker/lending agent to know your budget. If you are using Kiwisaver make sure you get the process going early as this could take time

·       Attend a few open homes to make sure you know what you want and don’t want

·       Do your due diligence on the property. We would always recommend a LIM and building report. After all this is the biggest purchase, you will make in your life

·       Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the selling agent. Are there any issues with the property? what can be built around the property? Will your view be blocked by a house being built?

·       Understand the different methods of sale – auction, negotiation, deadline sale

·       Try not to get caught up in the moment. It is easy for you to go beyond your budget, especially in an auction selling situation

·       If you are buying by auction, have a game plan in place before the auction begins

·       Look over and understand legal documents such as the Sale and Purchase Agreement & Certificate of Title

·       Always get legal advice – they do cost money, but they might save you money in the long run!

It is a very exciting time looking for and purchasing your first home. Don’t let it become an experience you wouldn’t want to do again.  By following these tips, you will be on the path to a successful purchase. My advice right now is to act quickly and call the selling agent as soon as you are interested. They are there to help you.

Good luck, have fun and happy house buying!



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