Season 1, Episode 1 - A decision was made – we are building!

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Season 1, Episode 1 - A decision was made – we are building!

So, we decided to build! Even in this current climate where building materials are hard to come by and there is a shortage of supplies, we pushed the green light.  We chose an architect – RWA (Rural Workshop Architecture Ltd – Jarrod Midgley & Chris Nott). I have been following Jarrod since he started his career in Timaru and he has created stunning houses over the years, so it was a “no brainer” to get him involved in our project.  

We gave Jarrod the brief and he crafted the perfect house from our initial meeting ensuring that we made the most of the sun and the lake views! After a few tweaks we sent off the concept plans to the QS (Quantity Surveyor) with the hope that it would come in under budget….not to be as planned!

That was our first fright in the process when the QS came back $400k over budget. We reached our first roadblock in the process and wondered how we were going to pull this off with our limited budget – back to the drawing board!

There were quite a few things that we didn’t want to compromise on like our European wooden tilt and turn windows and our outdoor area, “the den”; and then deciding that we really did need a double garage instead of a single did not help the compromising. I was putting my real estate hat on and agreed with Tyson that the double garage was a must for re-sell value! No-one warned me how hard the building process was – decisions, decisions, decisions, and I have heard that they will keep coming.

After a few compromises (no more outdoor fireplace, less tiles in the bathrooms, different stonework to name a few) I think we are nearly there, so the developed plans are now getting prepared as you read this. An exciting step to the process and then we will apply for resource consent. Most importantly Tyson and I are still agreeing on our compromises so that’s a win in itself.

Watch this space for Season 1, Episode 2 of "we choose to build".



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