The Big Move South

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The Big Move South


I have been thinking lately……..what a great way my family finished an absolutely amazing year off and started the new decade. We had such a fantastic year with The company was firing on all cylinders, the team was on fire, we had won the Westpac NZ award for Digital and Technology Innovation in the BOP. Then back to earth I came, when my good wife Hannah drops a bombshell on me. She asks….shall we move to the South Island?  Wanaka to be precise - the other end of the country!

I thought of the alpine lifestyle, the ability to have my boys grow up near the lakes and mountains..I thought about it and said let’s do it! The Central Otago Pinots aren’t bad either. Now, I actually love change as it’s like a breath of fresh air. Some people embrace it & some people don’t. However, the physical part of change and actually moving is what I really do struggle with!

The pending move made me sit and think about the business that we are in - Real Estate. With change at the very heart of the industry it’s essentially the real reason why there is a lot of stress and emotion at play at all times.

It’s not the dread about living in a new town, city, or suburb. It’s actually the silly move itself that gets people quite uptight and emotional. The thought of getting your home up to scratch for sale, the stress of getting the gardens sale ready, what removal company to use, the thought of what real estate agency to sell the property effectively - it all gets too much sometimes.

I am more than sure it’s the genuine reason some people just never move at all! It’s not that they don’t want to, its just these factors stress people out and they put the move into the too hard basket.

Anyway, getting the house ready for sale was really easy. Just download the 30 day guide to prepare your home for sale here. It’s very useful if you need tips on how to get started. Gardens are easy - my advice is to get a gardener and do pay for it.

I was scratching around trying to sort things out in my jungle. Hannah just took one look at me out there with my small electric hedge trimmer and took pity on me. She called the experts immediately and they came in and had hedges and lawns looking immaculate within a day – worth every dollar as I would have been there for weeks!

Removal company… try Container Relocations. The uber of removals as they were approx. a third of the cost of the big carriers. They came in and machined the house, they packed and moved it and it was a seamless event. I was twiddling my thumbs wanting to help but they lifted and shifted everything. The very move I had been sweating about was done in jiffy and my back is still in one piece too.

The final piece of the puzzle of what real estate agency to use - well that is a no brainer. will always make life smoother, they will get the best possible price and sell it quickly.

So that was that. I am now sitting in Wanaka with my amazing family. I am very relaxed and now I have so much energy to start the new decade with.

By the way I am not thinking about moving again anytime soon, as I love the new lifestyle here. The locals are amazing and Wanaka is everything I thought it would be.

So, if you are thinking about a change of home/scenery this year… don’t sweat it! It’s actually very easy - just leave it to the experts!



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