Is your home ready for a photoshoot?

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Is your home ready for a photoshoot?

So, you’re thinking of selling. Before you get the photographers in it’s a good idea to step back and take a good look at your property with objective eyes - the eyes of a new owner.

As much as you love your garden gnomes and the knick-knacks on shelves – potential owners don’t see the sentimental value.  Here a few simple tips and tricks to help you get your home sale ready.  

First impressions count so make sure your home has great street appeal – you want people to walk through the front gate and go “wow, I like this”. Pull up the weeds, sweep the path, mow the lawns and scoop away the leaves. If the street number has fallen off the letterbox, go and grab a new decal from your hardware shop – you want your place to be found. If the garden seat is broken, fix it or remove it.

Declutter. It is true, less is more. When people step into your home you want them to be able to imagine themselves in the space, so get some boxes and start clearing away the clutter – kids’ toys, paperwork, old clothes – things you don’t use every day. Store it all somewhere out of sight – in a garage, at a friend’s, or hire a storage facility for a few weeks. Even better, if it’s something you haven’t used for a while, consider giving it to charity - you will feel good about it too. You want clean surfaces and minimal objects in all rooms.

Spring clean. Methodically clean each room from top to bottom. Wipe down skirting boards and windows, wipe marks off walls, take the curtains down and give them wash, or at least some time on the washing line. I highly recommend you clean the windows, it will create extra light and make the room sparkle. Once you have done your spring clean it will be much easier to keep the house looking tidy for open homes.

Repair jobs. Tackle that to do list. Once you get started you will be surprised how quickly they get done and you will have wished you had done them ages ago. Make sure all the light fittings have light bulbs and use bright bulbs. During open homes, you will want your home lit like a Christmas tree as it creates warmth and the illusion of more space. 

Who do you think might be interested in buying your home – newlyweds, a family, a single person, retirees? Have a think and look at ways of attracting this person. If you are trying to attract a family you might want to dedicate an area for toys, or highlight the functional kitchen area.

Give every room a function. Many homes have over-crowded bedrooms doubling as a study, or jam-packed lounges that are also play areas. Remove and store unnecessary furniture so that each room has a distinct function and looks bigger.

Here’s a 30 day plan to preparing your home for sale or get in touch and I am more than happy to give you some tips in person!



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