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What do I get for the open home package?

The cost for an open home package is $599+GST. This fee is simply a fee for the salespersons time and travel costs. 

The open home package* is for 6 open homes.  Generally this would consist of three weekends of Saturday & Sunday open homes. You can negotiate this with your salesperson to ensure what works for you and your schedule. You may want to run them on just 3 Sunday afternoon’s, and 3 Wednesday’s for example or just 6 private appointments. Your licensed local area representative will work with you to work out a package that best suits your needs. 

Your representative will also do follow ups and will call everyone that has visited your home. Your dedicated Proppy salesperson is responsible for all negotiations and getting the best price possible for your home. 

*Please note that not all towns and cities have licensed Proppy area representatives (especially in remote rural areas) however, we are growing everyday. If there is not a local Proppy salesperson in your area and you don't want to run open homes, then please discuss this with Proppy we have a number of tips and guidelines to help you or your family member run them. Don’t worry they can be fun and very easy.

What documentation do I need to provide?

To verify yourself, you will be required to have a New Zealand driver’s licence, New Zealand passport, or be verified by a New Zealand lawyer. We make no apology that we are stringent on verification. It is in everyone’s interests.

What does ‘Buy Me Now’ mean?

This is a unique proposition by Proppy. The owner sets the price, which is fixed and there is no room to negotiate. The terms and conditions of the sale are similarly fixed and non-negotiable.  Like an online auction, a 'Buy me now' offer is unconditional and legally binding. This method works best for investors and people who want to sell in a hurry and for buyers who don't want to negotiate, think the property is a great price and are happy with the terms.

What does BOINZ stand for?

Building Officials Institute of New Zealand 

Please see their link here

What does it cost for Proppy to run an Open Home?

The cost for an Open Home package is $599+GST.

What enforcement does Proppy have to stop buyers breaking agreements?

At Proppy we do take this very seriously. Buyers sign a legal agreement before being able to place bids and/or offers on Proppy. Buyers sign this agreement which is enforced under NZ Law, which allows Proppy to pursue buyers in the unlikely event we are required to.

What fees do Proppy charge?

Proppy charges sellers 1.5% + GST* of the value of the property when the property sells. The seller also pays for all marketing costs, to which no margin has been added.  

There is no charge for the buyer to purchase property through Proppy.

*Note there is a minimum commission of $9000 + GST for residential sales and $5000 + GST for land.

What guarantees do I have that my purchase will not have weathertightness (leaky) issues?

Like all investments you need to do your own due diligence before buying a property. A good building report should identify if the property is a leaker (weathertightness issues).  However, the old maxim 'buyer beware' still applies, just as it would when you are buying a property in person.

If you have any concerns at all of weathertightness issues, it would be extremely prudent to get another expert to view and review the home.

What happens if I can’t run my own open home?

You could ask a friend or hire someone to run your open home for you if you are not comfortable doing it. Otherwise please contact Proppy and we may be able to offer you a solution.

What happens if I do not sell?

If your property is on the market for longer than expected and has not sold, we will help you to review your options and will conduct a full marketing review of your property. We'll look at all page views, previous viewings and feedback and we'll also tailor a package of 'extras' to help boost your viewings. We may also re-evaluate the local market, including what is selling in your area, the number of sales, time to sell and sale prices, so you have the most current information. Proppy will do everything we can to help you to sell your property. We are here for you.

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