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How much money will I save using Proppy?

There is no question, you will save when you sell your property through Proppy! The actual amount you save will depend on the sale price of the property, but on average you can expect to save between 1.5 - 2.5%. On a $750,000 sale price, that is a saving of about $13,000!

How much will this cost me, what are all the fees payable? Are there any hidden costs?

Our fees are 1.5% + GST commission & some minimums may apply. If you are selling there are three marketing packages to choose from. They vary in price dependant on the size and location of your property. When you complete a listing agreement these marketing costs are calculated for you. With Proppy there are no hidden costs. We pride ourselves in transparency.

How will I know if my bid has been successful when the online auction has commenced?

You bid price will be updated on the listing detail screen. It will show you the current bid on the left of the bidding screen and you can also see confirmed bids by clicking on 'view bidding history'. 

How will I know if my winning bid has been exceeded by someone else?

Proppy will tell you that you have been outbid by email and live on the Proppy listing that you are trying to buy. Please ensure you refresh your website page regularly to get the most up to date bids.

How will I know if the property sellers reserve price has been met?

You will be notified on screen if the reserve has been met. This will be displayed on the listing page where bidding takes place so you will not miss this. It will clearly show you if the property is now placed on the market and will be sold.

How will I know that the house I am bidding on is in a desirable area investment wise?

You will need to do your due diligence on the property and area before you make a decision to bid at an auction. On the property listing we provide a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision. If you are worried about the area, we recommend you visit the property day and night to get a good feel for the area and speak to neighbours about the area. You can also get information on crime at

How will my home be valued?

Along with your Proppy CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), your home will be valued by Corelogic & the valuation will be organised by Proppy. CoreLogic is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  

CoreLogic NZ coordinates an arms-length panel valuation service utilised by the bulk of major financial service providers in New Zealand, including the big banks. By using this service, banks and lenders are confident there is no bias when they have a property valued by registered valuer, for mortgage lending purposes.

Proppy has engaged CoreLogic NZ to provide the same service, although not for lending purposes. Proppy’s aim is to provide its clients with an independent valuation solution, which can give them a greater degree of certainty when marketing their property.

As this is a service for the seller, it is not currently accepted by banks as a valuation for the purposes of issuing a loan to a purchaser. Also, it may not be provided to anyone aside from the seller without their express, written permission. If it is provided to any other party, it is simply for greater transparency in the real estate transaction process, and should not be charged for or intimated as suitable for bank purposes.

Proppy is the first, and only, real estate company offering this service to its clients through CoreLogic’s panel, and in doing so will likely exceed industry standards in disclosure and client-oriented behaviours. Proppy is well positioned with the use of this service to enhance the selling experience of their sellers.

I have a friend returning from the UK, can I negotiate on their behalf e.g. visit the property and advise them from NZ?

Yes, you are able to help your friend and advise them if you feel comfortable doing this. However, it is your friend's decision if they decide to bid or make an offer on a property.

I have more than one property I would like to list, is this possible?

Yes, absolutely. We think our online system is very useful for people with multiple listings. You will be required to sign a new listing agreement for every property.

I have not received an email from Proppy?

It is possible that the email has gone into your junk folder so please check here first. If you still can’t find an email from us, please go to your My Proppy page or use our online support chat function to get in contact with us.

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