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  Sales price $500,000 $750,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000 $2,000,000
proppy logo Proppy.co.nz $10,000 $13,500 $17,500 $26,250 $35,000
tall poppy logo Tall Poppy $13,900 $16,700 $22,200 $30,900 $38,900
mike pero logo Mike Pero $14,650 $19,525 $24,400 $34,150 $43,900
Barfoot & Thompson logo Barfoot & Thompson $15,850 $20,850 $25,850 $35,850 $45,850
lj hooker logo LJ Hooker $12,075 $18,400 $24,150 $29,900 $41,400
professionals logo Professionals $14,250 $18,000 $21,750 $29,250 $36,750
eves logo Eves $18,300 $24,550 $30,800 $43,300 $55,800
ray white logo Ray White $17,800 $22,800 $27,800 $37,800 $47,800
harcourts logo Harcourts $18,300 $24,550 $30,800 $43,300 $55,800
bayleys logo Bayleys $20,000 $26,250 $32,500 $45,000 $57,500

Disclaimer: The commission fees above are understood to be the standard real estate fees for residential sales at the time of publication. They do not take into account any regional variations, negotiated arrangements or reduced fees for smaller scopes of service. While every effort has been made to ensure that this information is correct, Vaunt NZ Limited does not accept responsibility for variations to these fees or their respective savings. The fees above exclude GST. If you’re thinking of selling, we ask that you clarify this information with the agencies listed above.

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In 2015 we set out to challenge the
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Myth: "They are too cheap to be any good"

Truth: Our low commission rates reflect our superior digital tools, which make the whole buying and selling process as easy as it really should be

Myth: "You won’t have an actual real estate agent"

Truth: We have a team of fully licensed real estate agents & salespeople located all across NZ, who are by your side throughout the whole sales process

Myth: "They don’t do open homes"

Truth: We do open homes, take care of private viewings and offer 3D walk throughs. After buyers attend one of our open homes they can make an offer immediately online. Simple!

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