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Welcome to Proppy - the smart way to buy and sell property in New Zealand! is NZ’s only online real estate platform that lets you sell your home via online auction, online negotiation or online tender. Sign documents securely online with the help of our talented, local real estate agents. They will guide you through the process while extracting the best price out of the market for your property. is a New Zealand owned agency established in 2015. Our clients love us and our great results! And we only charge 1.5%* commission + GST! *T&C's apply.


1.5%*  commission

Now that's a rate that'll save you a truck-load of money. 
We're an accredited real estate agency, but without the overhead costs. We do the same job, but It's super easy and efficient, which means you not only save time, you save money - big time. Try out our calculator below to see what savings you can make with Proppy! 

* Excludes GST & minimums may apply


See how much you can save


Commission savings are based upon publicly available information and calculated from average agency commission structures. Savings can vary between locations. (Commissions include GST and Administration Fees)


Go on, kick back, relax and do it all here… from anywhere.


Selling a property

Jump online, list your house, choose your marketing package. We will arrange all your promotional/marketing material so that your home stands out and has the best chance of getting maximum sale price. Get started and join up to Proppy now.


Buying a property

All you need is a comfy chair, and access to the wonderful worldwide web. Apart from popping into an open home to chat to the owners about their place you can pretty much buy your home in you PJs. Too easy.


News and views

The property game is littered with advice, tips, news, opinion and even the odd bit of scandal. We take what we feel are the most valuable insights, and share them with you, to help you form a more well-rounded view of the market. Accompanying this is our own blog from Proppy founder, Tyson Walker.


Our Story

Like most new ideas, our story began after a particularly bad experience and we decided there must be a better way. Agent pressure, bad phone lines, misguided pricing, powerless stuffy auction rooms, inconvenient timing – we’ve experienced it all including attending an auction while having contractions! Click below for the full story on why we launched Proppy.