The smarter way of buying and selling real estate

A Te Kauwhata house was be the first Waikato property up for sale in an online auction by real estate agency Proppy.

Although the auction moved to buyer negotiation, a former Hamilton Boys' High lad is leading the charge to get oomph behind online real estate agencies.

Tyson Walker and wife Hannah have been operating Proppy for eight weeks.

During that time, eight properties have been listed and two have been sold, one in an auction.

"So that's an average of one listing a week, which isn't too bad," Walker says. "We think it will really kick into gear after Christmas."

When people sign up to sell their house online, it is listed online, a sign is made up and sent to the vendors along with flyers, and then it is up to the vendors to operate open homes themselves.

"We think the homeowners are the best people to sell the house. They know all about it, its quirks and what is in the area."

Proppy does all the negotiations and running of auctions, though, he says.

The couple didn't go into the realm of online real estate selling by chance. It was two years in the making.

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Last updated 11:17, December 3 2016