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The property game is littered with advice, tips, news, opinion and even the odd bit of scandal. We take what we feel are the most valuable insights, and share them with you, to help you form a more well-rounded view of the market. Accompanying this is our own blog from Proppy founder, Tyson Walker.  


Reserve Bank property investor lending restriction
The homeloan lending changes are aimed mainly at property investors, but first-home buyers will also see changes.
Larry Williams NewsTalkZB
Larry Williams speaks with Proppy co-founder Hannah Walker
The proposed unitary plan – Auckland City Council
The proposed unitary plan
Unitary plan herald article
The Auckland Council's new planning rulebook, or Unitary Plan, has been passed by councilors.
House sells at 90% above CV
More listings coming soon
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Proppy Blog

25/6/17: Online house shopping
Online is the way of the future. It was 1990 when the online world took on its more recognizable form. That’s 27 years ago.
14/6/17: What’s your neighbour’s house worth?
Much like asking someone how old they are, asking the price they paid or sold a property for is also a taboo topic.
28/5/17: Behind every great man is a great woman
The other half – meet Mrs Proppy!
21/5/17: Getting the right price
One of the first things we get asked by both buyers and sellers is “How much is this house worth?
07/5/17: Tyson Walker - the numbers man
People always find it interesting to know who is behind a business, so we thought it might be a good idea to share a little of our own personal tales.
12/4/17: The excitement of an online auction
Ever found yourself taking the day off work, traipsing down to an auction room, and waiting in a room full of people to try and bid on a house?
13/2/17: The Year of the Cock!
New Zealanders, let’s embrace 2017 - The Year of the Cock!
15/12/16: Doing business without marketing
Doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark
09/11/16: Is something big about to happen?
The reason for a NZ housing correction will come from offshore!
20/9/16: Banking 101 - The OCR cut
What really happens deep in the bowels of a large banking organisation?
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