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The property game is littered with advice, tips, news, opinion and even the odd bit of scandal. We take what we feel are the most valuable insights, and share them with you, to help you form a more well-rounded view of the market. Accompanying this is our own blog from Proppy founder, Tyson Walker.  


Proppy on Radio Live
Tyson Walker speaks to James Coleman
Proppy on Seven Sharp
Live on Seven Sharp
Proppy Embeds Secured Signing
Proppy Embeds Secured Signing for Real Estate Transactions
NZ Business Magazine - Painting the town pink
With their online platform Proppy, Tyson and Hannah Walker are out to disrupt New Zealand’s real estate market, and save buyers and sellers a truckload of time and money.
A word from Tony Alexander
Falling sales almost everywhere, prices flattish to falling in Auckland, prices still rising in most other locations.
Topsy Turvy housing market
Confidence in the housing market is low and that's not surprising given the amount of negative press it has had over the past 6 months.
A softening Auckland housing market???
John Bolton gives his views
Online real estate agency set up by Hamilton man
A Te Kauwhata house was be the first Waikato property up for sale in an online auction by real estate agency Proppy.
Proppy website allows smartphone house sales
Proppy website allows smartphone house sales Press Release
Revolutionising the real estate industry
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Proppy Blog

28/01/19: Being a Mum and a Business woman
Like many women out there she wears a dozen hats in a day – real estate agent, business owner, mummy, chef, teacher, friend, nurse, referee, IT professional, wife, chauffer, cleaner and laundry maid – to name a few.
11/10/18: A Wise Man Carves His Own Future
I went to Hamilton Boys High School off Peachgrove Road in Hamilton East - a very traditional state boys school with a boarding hostel attached called Argyle House.
11/9/18: Buy Like A Boss
Buy like a boss..
5/09/18: Are you a sheep or a wolf?
Following the mob or leading the pack
19/08/18: A few nice words can help a person
A few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think
2/2/18: Comparing pears with apples
The difference between traditional real estate agencies and Proppy.
9/11/17: Real estate myths
There are a few of myths out there about the large real estate industry players that we want to put straight.
22/9/17: Thinking of selling? Spring into action!
Is your home ready for a photoshoot?
14/9/17: The lolly scramble will all be over soon
Well, what a couple of months of politics……you wouldn’t think NZ Politics could be so much fun!
19/7/17: I want that house… now
Want it. Have it. No nonsense property purchasing.
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