The smarter way of buying and selling real estate

Technology is changing every job globally, just look at Uber & Air BnB  – NZ real estate is no exception.

You could be a part of the biggest movement in real estate in years. Proppy has implemented new technology and are now the leaders in online real estate. Proppy gives you more flexibility and opportunities to sell houses than ever before.
Are you ready for change? Do you want to be a leader?
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Who are we looking for?

Proppy is the future of real estate. With an innovative platform based around the latest in technology, we are driven to change the face of the real estate world, for both buyers, sellers and agents alike.

We are a growing network of real estate agents across New Zealand. Join Proppy to access our powerful and exclusive technology platform that will drive leads for you and access our marketing tool kits, exclusive training, mentoring and networking events.

We are looking for Real Estate agents who are entrepreneurial in spirit, professional, capable and passionate. Openness and transparency are key drivers in our business and culture and ultimately we believe in the power of human connections which ensures our team succeeds.

Proppy is a challenger brand. Help us to drive change and innovation across the real estate community.  Join our team today.

Why work for Proppy?


  • With Proppy you are guaranteed 1% + GST of the sale price on every property sold.
  • Flexible hours and working environment. When working for Proppy you can be either work part time or full time. Work from home or join in the home office space of Proppy. The choice is yours!
  • With lower selling commissions for clients, you can get more leads on a daily basis compared to your regular bricks and mortar agency
  • Have flexibility, region exclusivity & the opportunity to build scale
  • Run your own business but access all the sales platform and marketing toolkits of Proppy
    • Toolkit includes: Car wrap, business cards, open home materials, Facebook page to drive own leads with content.
  • Access to our agency licensee
  • It's about educating potential buyers and sellers on the Proppy platform versus hard sales
  • Get your weekends back - open homes are not mandatory. It is up to you how you want to work with your client base
  • The digital platform of Proppy decreases administration time, time on the auction room floor. Spend more time driving sales and building your own business (i.e. buy me now function, online auction, online negotiation, admin done electronically)


  • Real Estate license
  • Car
  • Laptop

What can you achieve?


An average house sale price in Auckland is approx $1,000,000

1 sale per month = $10,000 + GST per month ($120,000 per year + GST)*

2 sales per month = $20,000 + GST per month ($240,000 per year + GST)*

3 sales per month = You are a rockstar! 

*Figures based on a sale price of $1,000,000


An average house sale price in Hamilton/Tauranga is approx $700,000

1 sale per month = $7,000 + GST per month ($84,000 per year + GST)*

2 sales per month = $14,000 + GST per month ($168,000 per year + GST)*


In the regions:

If an average house sale price outside of Auckland is $500,000

1 sale per month = $5,000 + GST per month ($60,000 per year + GST)*

2 sales per month = $10,000 + GST per month ($120,000 per year + GST)*

Join our team today - it's the way of the future! 

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