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Out with the old, in with the new

We live in a digital world and like it or not, it is the way the world is heading. Proppy is an an online property marketplace - a place where buyers and sellers meet, where nothing is hidden, where you choose and you save - a place where you can easily buy and sell property. We are an accredited licenced real estate agency and essentially we do the same job as an agent, but it’s a whole lot smarter – it is online and it is easy. It’s much like eBay or Trade Me but a souped-up model for real estate. It’s totally transparent and means you’re in control – not the agent. Genius!



Ok, so this is probably the best bit. Sellers pay an affordable flat fee of 1.5%* + GST commission on all real estate sales on Proppy. Now that’s low. Really low. The reason we can share these flat fees with you is because we have stripped away all the unnecessary costs – real estate offices on street corners and large theatre filled auction rooms – instead our infrastructure is all online. So forget 3.95%** and start thinking 1.5% - that’s a much better number.

** Commissions can vary between locations and different agencies, *T's and C's apply




We like to consider ourselves as New Zealand's most transparent property marketplace. Unlike the real world, at Proppy everything is disclosed at both a buyer and seller level. Nothing is hidden, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions on an even playing field. Now that’s what we call fair.


Online is where it’s at 

Online is the way to buy and sell property. At Proppy the whole real estate process is online which means you can buy and sell property from the deck chair, on the sofa, in your slippers, 24/7 - wherever you have access to the internet.

Everything is at your fingertips, from 3D walk throughs, building reports, to floor plans and photos to actually bidding and buying now!

We virtually hold your hand every step of the way and provide you with everything you need in the buying and selling process including providing you with a dedicated & licensed salesperson/agent.

We have worked with some of the smartest developers around and built an incredibly reliable and secure web platform which is modeled on the success of proven examples overseas and really is the way of the future.

We are a leader in real estate technology and were the first real estate platform to allow you to sell your home via online auction, online negotiation or online tender. is a New Zealand owned agency established in 2015. Trust us, we are experienced and you are in safe hands. 



Say hello to Proppy

Picture this – you’re at an auction about to bid on your dream home. You’ve spent months trawling open homes, you’ve spent thousands on valuations, builders reports and legal advice, you’ve skipped your lunch break to get to the stuffy packed auction room, you’ve got your father-in-law on a crackly phone line, then bidding starts above what the agent told you… and your wife goes into labour. That’s our story. 

Hi I’m Tyson, and with my wife Hannah and the support of our amazing family and friends, we are proud to bring you Proppy – the better way to buy and sell real estate. Our story, like most new ideas, came about because of a personal experience as a buyer at an auction, faced with an overwhelming sense of pressure, an inconvenient time, and a complete lack of power. And we knew we were not alone. 

We knew there had to be a better way and so we got thinking. We did a whole bunch of research, looked at what was happening overseas, spoke to some super smart people and realised that this old school way of doing business could in fact be taken online and could save everyone a whole lot of time and money. 

And so, in 2016, just one year after our son arrived (for the record - not in an auction room!), Proppy was born.  We invite you to poke around and explore the future way to buy and sell property - online. 


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