How do I know what a property is worth?

These days there are many ways to assess the value of a property:

•      CV – this is the current valuation assessed by the local authority for rating purposes.
This is sometimes referred to as a government valuation (GV) or a rateable value (RV).

•      There is a growing number of apps and websites out there these days that help you with getting an indication of what your property may be worth. However, none can be as accurate as a registered professional valuer who actually visits your property. They come with experience and qualifications that a computer algorithm could never ever replicate. Netherless, we do believe you should look at them in conjunction with the valuations (if shown by smart vendors) and other information given as part of being a Proppy member. 

•      Sale price – in some cases sellers will advertise a fixed price or will provide a price indication.

Finding what you want

Once you’ve got a good feel for your level of financial commitment you can start searching for properties– we would recommend you bookmark, TradeMe Properties, for Sale and These should cover all the bases.

Searching can be pretty overwhelming, so start by making a list of all the ‘nice to haves’ and absolute ‘must haves’.

Consider all types of houses and their respective pros and cons from villas and cottages, bungalows, 1970’s houses, townhouses and apartments and lifestyle properties.

A word of caution, many homes built in the 1990s and early 2000s may have water tightness issues so do due dilligence.

Now you can get down to the business of serious searching and finding a selection of homes that fit your criteria.