We’ll commission and schedule to photograph your property (if you've selected this package) and get the marketing jobs underway.

  • e.g. signage, brochures, digital listings, floor plans and 3D walkthrough so everything is ready to go as soon as your listing is published.
  • Set your open home dates and times. You choose when and what time, but don’t forget the market and when buyers are free to visit open homes. And please choose your dates and times carefully, because they can't be changed after the listing has been published.
  • Our turn again. As soon as your property’s listed on Proppy, we’ll swing back into marketing action and get your listing up onto the other marketing channels you’ve selected –TradeMe, Real etc. This’ll happen pretty quickly, as we'll have everything set up and ready to launch as soon as you hit publish.
  • Now it’s time to tune in regularly, as interest builds, see how many people are ‘watching’ and answer questions as they arise.