Open homes

Run your own open homes or get Proppy to take care of everything for you - the choice is yours! 

Choose the best time of the day to show off your home to optimal effect.

You need to think about sun and light. Light and warmth in a living area, for example, is always advantageous because prospective buyers always want to know about north-facing living.

Always air the house a few hours before people arrive, to remove any cooking or pet odours. If you must use an air freshener do so, but never overdo it as people are often suspicious of artificial scents or can even be allergic to them. On the other hand, the smell of cut flowers or fresh coffee are positive aromas that can positively influence a prospective buyer’s impression of your home.  

Music – playing light classical or jazz in the background can also be another subtle, yet positive influence.

Half an hour before viewers start arriving, take a final look around – wipe all kitchen and bathroom surfaces and put away personal toiletries and check that all valuables have been securely locked away.

Draw back all curtains to let in as much light as possible and depending on the season, open windows and doors or turn on some form of heating to take the chill off the air if it’s cold. If you have a radiant gas fire, a flickering flame even at low heat will enhance the ambiance of any room.

Turn on lights even if it’s a bright day to illuminate the interior to its best advantage.

Another trick is to give all plants and trees, close to the house, a light sprinkle with a hose so the foliage looks fresh, shiny and healthy. This just adds another touch of sparkle to the overall presentation of your property.

And finally check that the entrances, back and front, are sparkling clean and free of any clutter.

Key Tips for running an open home
  • Do not ever negotiate in an open home. It’s important to answer questions by the purchasers at open homes. But don’t fall into the trap of letting a potential purchaser trying to get you to say a price, unless of course your property has a buy me now price. Be polite and say if you are interested please register with Proppy so that they can place an offer online.
  • Always, let the market dictate the price. If a buyer is really interested, they will either place a formal offer, or bid at the Online Auction. (Only then will you know if they are a legitimate buyer or not).
  • Leave it to the Proppy team to talk with the potential buyer around price type questions (remember we are an experienced, and a licensed agency, so we can deal with questions of this nature). By the way, our answer largely will be much the same as above – let the market do the work! We will be informing the buyers with the following information - if you are serious about buying the property then put forward a formal offer through Proppy (digitally signed), and we will ensure it is taken through to the seller immediately for their review. How exciting!
  • Never ever leave valuables out - you can’t be everywhere on the day!
  • As tempting as it is, do let the potential buyers peruse the property without you following them around. Remember, they want to see it, experience it, and get a feeling for it. You are always in control with Proppy, so if you do have aspects of the property that need to be spelled out then do so. You will find it fun! For example, you will know which way the sun comes up and all sorts of interesting things that people turning up won’t. Share your knowledge!
  • Our technology allows us to see who is keen on your property and you can see these analytics on your listing detail page. However, there will be people that may show up at your open home out of the blue - especially when they see our beautiful colourful signage outside your property. Please make sure to take their contact details for security reasons and then also pass the details on to Proppy so that we can call them and answer any further questions that they may have about the property.
  • Hazards! If you have health and safety issues or hazards be very careful to get them identified early. An example, may be a power cord running along the carpet which someone may trip on and possibly hurt themselves. Just be aware of hazards and please remove them before anyone turns up.
  • Do take an entry log of people attending your open home if possible.
  • Be friendly, relax, and enjoy it – remember you know your property better than any agent!

Please note if you are not comfortable running your own open homes you can purchase an open home package from Proppy for only $599 + GST if available in your area.