Tell us what type of property you’re selling - residential or lifestyle. Commerical is coming soon.

  • List the property address, suburb and city

  • Disclose the CV/GV (if known)

  • Decide how you want to sell - online auction, online tender, negotiation or 'buy me now'


The next step is to cover off the property basics, just fill in the online form:

  1. List your property details, size, beds and baths etc.

  2. Then list your chattels. Please give details on each chattel so the buyer is informed of what they are getting with the purchase sale. 

  3. Choose your settlement date

  4. Pick whether you are GST registered or not

  5. Add your lawyers contact information 

  6. Complete your legal information around the house - who is the legal owner, tenancy, ground lease details, important information that the buyer will need to know. Remember it is important to disclose all information. 

  7. Upload your photographs if you are doing it yourself. If you have chosen professional photography Proppy will upload photos for you once they are ready

  8. Please enter an advertising headline for your listing. This is just a couple of words that sums up your place and will attract people to your listing. It will be used as the headline for your online advertising and the headline on your signboard and open home flyers.  To help you get started think of two words that describe your home – words like cosy, warm, sophisticated, modern, original, contemporary, elegant, inviting. Get creative!

  9. Write a "Property Description". Go on, give it a try, after all you know your place better than anyone… or any agent. If you get stuck, just ask us for help.  We’ve certainly had plenty of practice. Within the description you have the opportunity to welcome potential buyers to your home with a short personal description of your time there. Good things to include are details like how long you have lived there, what you have enjoyed about the area and why you are moving on.  This description will be used in your open home flyer and for your online advertising.

  10. Add your "Key Features". Here we are looking for six key features about your property.  These are the sort of features that potential buyers might have on their “must have” list when searching for a property e.g.; garaging, ensuite, north facing, 4 bedrooms. It is a good idea to detail the land and house area in sqm as part of these points.  These points will be used on the signboard, in the open home flyer and for your online listing.

  11. Add your "Selling Points". There will be some things that you really love about your property, and it is highly likely that others will fall in love with these too. Take some to think about the five key things you love about your home. It might be the short walk to the beach, the friendly neighbourhood or your large family living room. This content will be used to help market your property in the open home collateral and in the online advertising.

  12. Set your indicative price – Have a go, you can revisit this at any time when more information is provided.

  13. Choose a marketing package. We’ve carefully crafted three smart marketing packages to suit all budgets. There is no mark-up in this pricing, it is direct from the third party. Naturally our marketing predominantly supports the online marketplace, however if you want to add some traditional print to the mix we can certainly help you out.

  14.  Once that’s done, you can pay for your marketing package, or choose to pay later. Yay!

  15. You’ll need to read the REAA guidelines and then sign Proppy’s listing agreement, which outlines our terms and charges. But like everything at Proppy, it’s all digital, so it’s not in the least bit daunting, even the signing part.

  16. Time for us to roll up our sleeves and get the hard stuff underway. This means commissioning an independent valuation and building inspection report and finding the property titles. We’ll also produce a comparable market analysis (CMA) if you don’t already have one.