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We can not tell you how incredibly happy we are we chose Proppy! It was a huge decision to go with Proppy and not the established market leader in our area but Hannah and Hans were AMAZING. They were totally all over the market, brought loads of potential buyers through and over all else the thing that we really appreciated they were honest with us from start to finish.

We were never fed any "real estate" speak and although we won't lie selling a house is stressful they made it way less painful that it could have been. The best news was the sale they got us, they totally came through with the goods and with 1.5% commission it takes some pressure off going into our next house purchase.

If you want more money in your pocket and a great experience choose Proppy, you won't regret it!

Shelley & Darren

(Vendors of 31 Queens Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland)


*Minimum commission rates may apply.