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How do I know that my account (money) is not going to be scammed by an internet hacker?

We take all necessary precautions to keep your details safe. We take cyber security very seriously at Proppy. Proppy uses encryption, firewalls, and the latest protection software by security firms to ensure your information is highly secure.  All money will be handled by our supplier Payment Express and not through Proppy which means another level of security for you.

How do I know your valuation is accurate and reliable?

Our independent valuations are done by Corelogic. CoreLogic is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Corelogic’s Valuation Ordering Service is New Zealand's first panel of preferred valuers and is helping to make valuation ordering more convenient and transparent, providing truly independent reports back to lenders and their customers.

How do I pay my deposit?

If you are successful, Proppy will email you all the payment instructions. Deposit instructions are also on the Sale & Purchase contract that you sign. Vaunt NZ Limited trading as Proppy has elected to use New Zealand Real Estate Trust. This means your money will be held in an independent bank account under the custody of Public Trust.  Public Trust is a crown owned entity.

Your deposit may only be paid by:

  1. Internet banking – Direct Credit or
  2. Cheque payable to: Public Trust o/a NZ Real Estate Trust

Please note that they DO NOT accept cash deposits.

Payment to be made to:

Westpac Bank

Account Number: 03-0104-0186911-00

Account Name:  Public Trust o/a NZ Real Estate Trust

Public Trust does not accept any payments at their branch offices.  

How do I place a bid?

Once you have registered and electronically signed a Proppy buyers agreement you will be able to bid on a property. Click on the property you are interested in and enter the amount you want to bid into the bid field. Once you’ve placed a bid you will have entered into a legally binding contract, so Proppy will always ask you to confirm your bid.  

How do I register if I find a property that I am interested in buying?

Registration is easy and it is a 2 step process. First you join up with Proppy and then you need to pass our verification check to be able to buy a property. You can verify yourself at any time by clicking on the link on the “My Proppy” page. Please be aware you should verify yourself early. You don’t want to miss out on your dream property.

How do I register?

Registering is easy, whether you're a buyer or seller. When you register, we verify your identity. Your address and passport or driver’s license is all we need. If you're a non NZ resident you will need a NZ solicitor to verify your identity.

If you're a seller, you will also need to sign a listing agreement. You can do this digitally which will become useful when you need to sign other documents online.

How do I upload photos?

Click or drag'n'drop to upload your photos. If you click on the “click” button you will then need to find the pictures that you want to upload and then click open or double click on the photo(s) selected. Make sure your photos are high enough resolution. If the photos have been taken professionally you will be fine, if you’ve taken them yourself you will need to double check the specs, ideally they need to be 300 pixel wide, 300 DPI and about 3-4mB in size.

How long do I need to wait before having an online auction on my property?

You can set your online auction at a time and date that suits you.  We recommend you set your online auction 5 weeks after listing with Proppy.

We do this to give you property enough marketing exposure allowing you to attract as many buyers as possible. It is in your interest as a seller to have a high level of excitement about your property and therefore give people enough time to see your signboard, read your brochures and browse your listing before the online auction.

How long does the online auction last?

The online auction runs for 24 hours. If there is a bid in the last three minutes the online auction will auto extend by a further three minutes until there are no more further bids.

How many photographs can I upload? Is there a size limit to the file size that can be uploaded? What is the preferred file type for the photographs to be uploaded?

You can upload 15 Photographs to your listing. We recommend images that are less than 750KB of size. We support PNG and JPG files.


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