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How will I be kept informed of progress with my listing?

Your listing will have analytics attached to it and this can be viewed from the “My Proppy” page. Please click on “View my listing” and then look under the heading Analtyics. This is updated real time.

Views: The number of people that view your listing

Proppy User Views: The number of Proppy members that view your listing

Registered Buyer Views: The number of registered Proppy buyers. These people have signed a Proppy buyers agreement and are ready to bid.

Users Watching: This is the number of people who have placed your listing in their watchlist.

Stopped Watching: This is the number of people that removed your listing from their watchlist. 

Why is Proppy better than using a real estate agency for a seller?

Proppy saves you a truckload of money – Our commissions are only 1.5% + GST - substantially lower than the normal agencies saving you plenty of money. No more auctioneer’s fees and administration charges, which would normally be added to your run-of-the-mill real estate agency fee. There are NO hidden costs with Proppy.

Proppy saves you time – You can fill out our easy listing agreement online in the comfort of your own home, any time of day or night. You are in control. Proppy organises building & valuation reports which are made available to the buyer – less tradies through your property.

Proppy is a secure and reliable platform – we verify all buyers and sellers on Proppy before they can buy or sell property online. Proppy is an easy to access, easy to use platform that has robust security systems.

Proppy is online – it's the way of the future. People are busy in this world we live in. They want to interact online. No more stuffy and uncomfortable auction rooms and no more agent pressure! Being online should open up a larger buyers pool within New Zealand and internationally.

You are in control – You know your home better than anyone. You determine the price you would like to achieve and then Proppy will help you achieve this. 

Are digital signatures legal and safe?

We have partnered with a NZ firm called Secure Signing. Through their secure technology we have a robust method for signing documents, ensuring a signature has come from a trusted person. Under the current real estate model this isn't the case and anyone can sign a document without proof or verification on the day. Digital signatures cannot be altered or adapted, they are clean and provide conveyancing lawyers with a fully audited history of a document's signatures. Being legally binding, they also provide Proppy with the unique situation of being the first fully digital real estate offering in New Zealand and possibly the world. The question we ask you is - why wouldn't you use Proppy technology to eliminate mistakes and ambiguity around possibly your biggest purchase in your life?

Are my details safe using Proppy?

Yes, we take every possible measure to keep Proppy safe and secure. Your details are encrypted in the Proppy system and are safe. 

Proppy uses encryption, firewalls, and the latest protection software by security firms to ensure your information is highly secure.  All money will be handled by our supplier Payment Express and not through Proppy which means another level of security for you.

Are you a licensed real estate agent?

Yes, absolutely.  Vaunt NZ Limited, trading as Proppy, is licensed under the REAA. We received our approval on January 11 2016. Proppy has a company licence, which is run by an agent licensee and we have additional salesperson licences. If you would like to view Proppy's company licence, please click here.

Can I adjust my selling price / reserve price at any time?

Yes, as a seller you can go into your dashboard at any time and change the reserve price leading up to the online auction start time. You won’t be able to change the reserve higher once the online auction has started, however you can reduce the reserve if you feel you may have been too optimistic once it has started. 

Can I also list my property with another Real Estate Agent at the same time?

No, when you sign the Proppy listing agreement it is a sole agency agreement for 90 days.

Therefore, you cannot list with another agent. If you have signed our Proppy listing agreement and a sale is completed by using another agency, you could be liable for double commissions.

We suggest you do read the REAA guide.

Can I autobid on a property?

Yes. You will be able to enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay to buy the property and our system will bid on your behalf, until you have reached your limit. The system will only bid $500 over the next highest bid until there is a winner of the online auction. It does not go automatically to your maximum level set, but only to the next highest bid level.

Can I cancel my sole agency agreement with Proppy?

Every seller that signs up with Proppy has a cooling off period.  This allows sellers to cancel a sole agency agreement before 5pm on the next working day after signing the listing agreement.

Can I change the reserve price after signing a listing agreement?

Yes, as a seller you can go into your dashboard at anytime and change the reserve price leading up to the online auction start time. Once the online auction has started, you will be able to reduce the reserve price during the online auction, but you will not be able to increase the reserve price during the online auction. 

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