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The lolly scramble will be over soon

Well, what a couple of months of politics……you wouldn’t think NZ Politics could be so much fun! First, you had Winnie shoot up the popularity ladder saying as you guessed it ‘nothing’. The Greens self-imploded with social welfare fraud allegations, Labours stardust Jacinda knifed the rather dull Andrew Little and soared in the polls with claims of water tax, fart tax, and more taxes to come from a tax working group with no captain or sailors. Then the helpless National party leader looking more like a stunned possum in headlights - all set, ready to take a battering from the red army. But it feels like we may slip back to normality and the status quo this week - and so too I think the housing market may just do that.

All I know is housing has been at the front and centre of this election from any angle you look at it. The issue I do think they forget is to look at is the fundamentals. The fundamentals say that New Zealand’s rising population, supply still being constrained, low-interest rates, and the world on the brink of war with North Korea could all signal an uptick in housing in safe little New Zealand. Things take time to unwind and if Labour were to win, I think there will be a few years of trade agreement negotiation and tax consultation that will happen before the housing market drops.

Whilst prices seem to have stabilised and fallen in parts of New Zealand the fundamentals, especially in Auckland still hold well for property owners. No matter what political spectrum you lie on, I don’t see the fundamentals or a major price correction changing anytime soon.

The housing market at present seems to be full of tire kickers (low ball offers), and vendors holding out for that highly inflated price. I think we are at a stale mate right now. However, the sun will be out again soon and the spring and summer selling period will kick into gear directly after the election. Sales will leap up, and the election lolly scramble will be a distant memory and the scramble for right priced housing stock will be well in truly in vogue.

Therefore, if you are selling this summer period we want to talk with you right now! I want to help you get a sale now – no point in waiting out another cold winter. Selling right now at a low commission rate (1.5%+ GST) just makes sense, it’s a no brainer, especially in a softer market. As you probably know what you can save in fees may just be the difference between selling or not. So, don’t delay to call us for an appraisal and a no obligation chat.



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