The smarter way of buying and selling real estate

Following the mob or leading the pack

I think one of the hardest things I have had to deal with in this business (so far) is seeing people I know, people who support me,  list their home with someone else. Sure, we don’t win every listing we pitch for, but seeing friends list with someone else is tough. It’s that feeling of rejection. Something I remember all too well from my dating youth!

I don’t have sour grapes. This is their choice and I do respect it – that’s business. But it does make me think  - a lot. I have had friends say “I just don’t want to be a guinea pig”. This isn’t an experiment! We have proven this works.  My interpretation of this feedback,  is they don’t want to be an early adopter and try something new. Instead they want to be a sheep, follow the mob mentality and give away hard earned cash unnecessarily. 

They are too scared to be that smart seller in their suburb or area. So, what is it? What are they scared of?

They know in their heart that the market will dictate the price they receive, they know that we have a dedicated sales team  - which in many respects works harder than most because we have to prove ourselves. So, I think it’s that fear of being first. Who goes first? I will tell you who, pack leaders, wolves - SMART people.

When you are wolf you evaluate all the pros and cons, line them up on a ledger and if the pros out way the cons then you go for it (no brainer). You also don’t overthink things - you know it’s right - you trust your judgement and sign up. Then you tell your friends, this cool new thing that you did and they are like, wow, what a smart idea.

We have a great transparent platform and sales process, a commission rate less than half the majors, property selling fast and well above CV/GV, incredible personal and online service, honesty and integrity  - all backed up my some very happy customers (put all that in your pros column.).

And being first is also a SMART move as it generally stimulates more interest. I looked at a sale we did recently. It was the first listing in that particular suburb, it sold within two weeks. We had thousands of hits on the website, 20 groups to the open homes on the first weekend, and a sale price well above vendor expectations. Why do you think we had this interest?  It was because they were first vendors to engage Proppy in their suburb and it generated chat. People came looking, wanting to know more -  and low and behold one of those inquisitive buyers  fell in love with it and purchased it.

Air BnB, My Food Bag and Uber, these brands relied on early adopters believing there was a better way – they save people time and money, and they are now household names. Don’t be a sheep and get lost in the mob giving your hard-earned money to an existing brand with no technology and no smarts. Lead the pack. A wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.



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