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A wise man carves his own future – what this means to me.

I went to Hamilton Boys High School off Peachgrove Road in Hamilton East  - a very traditional state boys school with a boarding hostel attached called Argyle House. I was a boarder at Argyle House, and from the day I started I was excited -  excited beyond belief. Going to a new place and starting a new adventure with another 40 third formers (year 9 these days) was great. I was in my element, living with friends that remain some of my closest today.

I was a pretty normal 13 year old, I had quite a bit of ability but was a tad over excited and probably had much more potential than was often displayed. I completed Bursary and University Entrance and went on to be a school prefect - but to be brutally honest, I was an average student, full of promise, but too full of beans and a lust for life.

One thing I remember fondly from my school days was our school motto which translates to,  “A wise man carves his own future.” I used to look at this regularly in school assemblies, on our badges, and the like. It resonated with me, and left an imprint which steers me today. I like to think this ingrained belief was my drive to start my own ground up business - -  and carve my own future.

When I break it down, being ‘wise’ has been about learning from my mistakes and my wins, and then taking action. I don’t ever underestimate the value of learning. It is at the heart of our everyday.  Each day I am learning  - from understanding the demands of a toddler and anticipating my wife’s needs, to grasping what makes me happy and how to grow our business.

At Proppy we are continuing to learn too. Each transaction provides us with more drive and direction.  We are learning that transparency and integrity is what people want, and that technology is the way of the future.

Who would have thought that average boy in school assembly would have been carving out the future of real estate in New Zealand.

Do you remember your schooI motto? I would love to hear what it meant to you and if it has influenced your life at all.



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