Joanna Morrell
Local Proppy Expert, Tauranga

After 30 years as a Medical Microbiologist and living in Auckland, I felt the need for a new challenge in my life. Not only did my family and I pack up and move cities after living there for over 30 years, I also completely changed my career path. Real Estate has always been at the top of my list, I am thrilled to have completed the course which I thoroughly enjoyed and am super excited about what the future may bring!

I bring many attributes to the profession. My confident, outgoing, and friendly personality is one of my strongest qualities allowing me to develop strong working relationships with people to gain their trust. I have great work ethic and time management skills. I am loyal, trustworthy, highly organised and am great at problem solving. I will always provide the most up-to-date and accurate information and sound real estate advice to my colleagues, clients and customers. I will continually research new technology and ideas to help improve and make selling and buying a home easier, faster and an even more positive experience. These values are what make me stand out as a Real Estate Professional and drive me to become the best within my chosen career path.

021 144 2146
Miles Robertson
Kapiti Coast Area Manager

Miles' diverse background brings multifaceted skills and experience to your property transaction. Having a BArch, and working in that industry along with plenty of 'hands-on' construction, he brings a designer's eye and construction understanding to real estate. In addition he has worked for six years in the charitable sector - much of that time looking after high value, high capacity donors. Miles knows how to engage with people to achieve outcomes, and has plenty of resilience. Success in buying and selling property of his own completes his picture. His energy and tenacity will see your sale through to its successful conclusion.

021 161 7086
Lance Mitchell
Rodney Area Manager

Lance brings a wealth of business and real estate experience to the Proppy brand. He has started and sold his own businesses, sold real estate both as an agent and himself, been self-employed for over 25 years so he really does understand you need to be prepared to work to achieve. His approachable style makes him easy to work with and his keen awareness of the situation helps find solutions where others see obstacles. Since leaving the UK nearly 20 years ago, yes, a Pom but definitively not a winging one – he has thoroughly embraced & enjoyed the Kiwi way of life.

Lance says, I honestly believe in Rodney, we are truly lucky to have probably the best place to live & work." For a solution focused agent look no further, once you’ve got me on your side I don't let go until the deal is done! Lastly just like New Zealand on the sports field, ‘Proppy’ might be small but we pack a big punch, results count for nothing, unless you win! For a no obligation chat give me a call today."

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Victor Jones
Franklin Area Manager

I have provided professional services in health, education, and community over the past 20 years. Originally from Franklin, I am excited by the growth and potential of our district. Having many years of experience in property investment and an interest in the evolving real estate sector, I am proud to provide a transparent and empowering service to my clients. From your first enquiry through to the satisfaction of buying/selling your property, I work to make your experience with us as stress free and as simple as possible and I work hard to get results.

021 276 0669
Terry Smith
Hamilton Area Manager

The first thing you need to know about Terry is that he is much more than just a real estate agent. Yes, he enjoys the autonomy, the ebb and flow, the unique situations to be problem solved, and the interesting people he’s made friends with along the way, but ultimately that’s not what drives him. So what makes Terry tick?

Terry's an actively and enthusiastically involved grandfather living on a small lifestyle block with gardens, pets, and stock.

Terry is one of those rare souls with enough self-awareness to know we can sometimes allow our identity and fulfillment to become entwined in our work to our detriment. Being a typically private and reserved Englishman, what he won’t tell you is that what really drives him is helping others. A long time supporter of World Vision, W.A.S.P., S.P.C.A., and the NZ Blood Service among others, in the past he was also the trust chairperson for Interactive (formerly Hamilton Sheltered Workshop). He also started a successful manufacturing business which he’s now handed onto his two son’s as a legacy for the future. And therein lies the key to what makes Terry tick, it’s not just selling houses, it’s legacy. It’s often said that the truth is found in holding two extremes in tension. In this case, Terry is not overly concerned with what people think of him, while at the same time, he believes he’ll find his best self by focussing more on what he wants to become known for. I think we could all spend more time pondering this. Terry’s reputation is more important that his income or the next deal.


Terry has consistently been helping people to sell their homes using the value driven approach in order to generate higher prices while reducing the cost of selling by thousands. More importantly for Terry’s family though, his work is now more fulfilling, balance has been restored and the mission of redeeming a once negative-reputation industry in Hamilton is well and truly underway. And that's good news for everyone.


027 494 0778
Cathie Geard
Coromandel Area Manager

Five years ago, my husband and I threw a dart at the New Zealand map after deciding we wanted to leave the big city. The result was us relocating to Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula. Our lives are significantly better for making that decision as this part of the country is exquisitely beautiful, full of amazing locations and homes, and from our experience we enjoy encouraging others to either live or spend their precious holidays on this amazing peninsular.

When I started in the Real Estate industry, I was under the assumption I could make a difference in my clients lives by providing quality service while utilising my passion for property and marketing. What I found, however, was that the old school real estate system was burdened with paperwork, unnecessary stress and clients who felt they were not getting good bang for their buck.

When I discovered Proppy, I realised that this revolutionary platform was just what clients were asking for. This system has turned the stuffy difficult legalities into something simple and manageable, putting the client back in full control of buying or selling their most valuable asset. The process speaks for itself - once you have purchased or sold a home through Proppy, you really won't want to do it any other way. Call me, I'd be happy to share more details about this exciting system for selling your property here in the Coromandel.

027 228 4434
Dean Fletcher
Onehunga and One Tree Hill Area Manager

Every property is unique in some way and I find that one of the most exciting aspects about real estate. My approach to real estate is to over exceed my clients expectations and to connect buyers to sellers to ensure the entire process is stress free. Property owners employ and entrust a sales and marketing professional to market and sell their most valuable asset, it costs only your time to meet with me and get the benefit of my trusted professional advice and experience.

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Proppy is the future of real estate. With an innovative platform based around the latest in technology, we are driven to change the face of the real estate world, for both buyers, sellers and agents alike. We are a growing network of real estate agents across New Zealand. Join Proppy to access our powerful and exclusive technology platform that will drive leads for you and access our marketing tool kits, exclusive training, mentoring and networking events. We are looking for Real Estate agents who are entrepreneurial in spirit, professional, capable and passionate. Openness and transparency are key drivers in our business and culture and ultimately we believe in the power of human connections which ensures our team succeeds. Proppy is a challenger brand. Help us to drive change and innovation across the real estate community. Join our team today.

Peter Nikolov
Agent Licensee

Peter started his real estate career in Australia in 2004, initially as a sales person before establishing and managing his own boutique agency in Far North Queensland. After returning to New Zealand in 2008, as a real estate agent he was involved in many multi-million dollar property transactions and has sold over $100 million worth of property. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008), licensee number 10016736.

Hannah Walker
National Sales and Marketing Manager

Personally, I bring more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience to the Proppy team. When I see a property, I see a home and connect not just at a sales level but bring an emotional intelligence to the room. Sales and marketing is in my blood and I believe that I deliver the all-important marketing flair needed to sell your property. I have experience with sales campaigns on social media and can create campaigns online to suit your home and help you achieve the best sale price possible. I have personally bought and sold property in NZ and in the UK and know what it takes to get a great result. I am a co-founder of and I believe that it is the way of the future.

021 2222 589
Tyson Walker
Managing Director

Tyson has more than 20 years of banking experience and accounting expertise, including senior institutional and retail banking roles for Westpac, BNZ and HSBC (in the UK).

This experience, combined with being a licensed real estate agent (REAA 2008), has given Tyson unparalleled insights into the residential and commercial property markets, from decision making processes, through to buying/selling, through to arranging finance and legal agreements.

021 889 968
Jamie Grunwell
Rotorua Area Manager

Jamie has lived in Rotorua for most of his life and knows it’s a great place to live and play. He makes the most out of the forest, lakes and sporting facilities and has an in-depth knowledge of Rotorua and the surrounding areas. Jamie spends a lot of time in the community getting involved in kid’s sports teams including being an active committee member for the local Eastlake football club. Jamie has a vast amount of experience dealing with business as a consultant and is experienced selling and purchasing property over a number of years. Jamie has an honest upfront approach, is a skilled negotiator with the knowledge skill and commitment to work with you to sell your property. Jamie is keen to help you with your next adventure, so contact him now for all your Real Estate queries.

027 526 4321
Mark Papworth
Local Proppy Expert, Tauranga

Mark and his partner Lucy moved to Tauranga over 12 years ago from the UK after falling in love with New Zealand as backpackers in 2005. They have two children, Harry and Ella, both born in the in the Bay and true little kiwi’s.

Mark’s attraction to Real Estate started when Lucy began servicing the needs of the Real Estate in her role as a graphic designer. Mark quickly became the man behind the scenes writing monthly newsletters and conjuring up marketing ideas to complement Lucy’s visuals in their Graphic Design business,

Mark’s creative skills combined with his degree in Business Analysis, and over seven years working in the financial services, gives him a unique fusion of inventive flare and cold logic.

Mark is excited to have joined Proppy as he believes it brings clarity, simplicity and transparency into what can be perceived as a murky marketplace. Mark looks forward to being your agent of choice.

021 024 22280
Catherine Preen
Timaru Area Manager

Catherine has been an active member of the Timaru community for the last 40 years and has the best network you could ask for. She knows property and has a vast experience of buying and selling personally. She has a keen eye for detail and can see a vision with a house and will help you with tips to get the best price possible.

Jon Woodcock
Tauranga Area Manager

I owe my successful sales career to what some might consider an unconventional upbringing. I grew up in the service and sales industry in the UK, then spent my early teens traveling around and residing in numerous countries within Europe, finally settling in the Spanish Province of Andalucia. During that time, I met and sought advice from many successful business people from all walks of life, whose experience I took and used in my own business dealings over the years. My experiences in investing and new home builds has lead me to the real estate industry, which, over the past few years, I have established a sound reputation of being honest and working with integrity. Being a people person, I build and maintain strong working relationships with each and every client. It gives me great pleasure to negotiate a fair deal and a successful sale. My goal is for my clients to feel comfortable and excited throughout the buying and/or selling process.

027 362 0234
Jason Penny
Hamilton Area Manager

I am a passionate practitioner in the art of promoting the property. After seven years in the industry, it's important for me to keep asking if the world still needs real estate agents. In 2018, the answer is still yes. But things have changed. A lot. Proppy is the way of the future and I am excited to be part of the team and to improve the way my clients buy and sell real estate.

I've learned over the years that there are only three key questions in selecting your agent;

1. How well will they present my property to the world?

2. Can they show a good track record of negotiating skills for their last 20 sales?

3. Can they justify their fees?

I'm confident in answering these questions because I love efficiency. My goal is to work smarter to save you money. The fact is, I've spent the past few years fine-tuning a method of selling houses that have quietly saved my clients over $180,000 collectively, compared to traditional fees, while still getting great results.

I enjoy a happy life in Fairfield with my beautiful wife and three awesome kids, and drive around in a shiny Toyota. I can quite often be found at the happeningest cafe in town, Yalla Yalla Cafe. Call me to find out how to get the job done better, for less, by someone who's bothered to look behind the green curtain.

027 705 7591
Hans Goh
North Shore Area Manager

Passionate, driven, intuitive, yet friendly and open, Hans brings a wealth of traditional real estate and banking background experiences to help you navigate through today's online and complex information age. A qualified specialist in Financial Economics and Marketing Communications within Auckland international institutions and with more than $30 million in managed accounts in his brief career, you will have his invaluable experiences and tech savvy support to get your valuable asset sold. Whether it's apartments, lifestyle blocks, luxury estates, section blocks, units or residential homes, he is more than happy to bring you up to speed with everything real estate. Ask Hans!

021 186 8955

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